SP400 Automatic Flattening Meat Machine

Product Code: Belt width 400 mm
Location: FOB Brampton Canada
U/M: Each
Shipping Dimension: 70 X 40 X 24
Shipping Weight: 882 lbs

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Automatic Flattening Meat Machine

Flattener machines suitable for automatic flattening meat: meat products are made by flatenineg thin and get the desired shape. Irregular cuts of meat, such as fresh pork, beef, veal and poultry are crushed by pressure rollers and profiled tires. Crushing ensures good flavor retention and by the pressure of the crash, the meat retains The optional shape, even after cooking. Importantly, the crusher is developed so that the meat during crushing any moisture loss.


These Flatteners are well-known in the industry for their sustainability and robustness. Our flattener is able to produce 1.000 up to 1.500 products per hour, depending on fillet size, belt loading and operator speed. The fixed belt speed is 6,4 meters / minute or 6,4 meters / minute . Depending on the length of the product, knowing belt width is 250mm or 400mm, estimated output can be calculated. Maximum product height at the infeed is ca. 35mm, with a maximum flattening result of 4 to 7mm.
Designed for the continuous pressing or flattening of meat products. Pieces of fresh veal, pork, or poultry are placed on the machine and pressed in a gradually tapering gap between two specially profiled belts, supported by a pressure roller system, to the required thickness.
Thickness adjustment is achieved by means of a hand wheel and reference scale. The machine can also be used for the continuous pressing of various fats.
Manufactured in stainless steel and other food quality materials to a robust construction, the machine is designed for continuous operation. The Schnitzel Press is built to a very high standard of engineering practice, resulting in a reliable cost effective machine that is both easy to clean and maintain. This unit comes complete with mobile stand and hinges open to enable easy access for cleaning.


  • Masters crushing meat: precisely adjustable
  • Maintaining good taste, no fluid loss by crushing
  • High capacity
  • Various shapes possible
  • Different thicknesses meat possible thickness setting is infinitely adjustable
  • Fully automatic (only manual operation is the meat on the input tape laying)
  • Machine stainless steel: easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Available with 250 mm and 400 mm bandwidth

Standard Power & Dim's

Spec's SP250 SP400
Belt width (mm) 250 400
Belt speed (meter/minute) 6,6 m / min. 6,4 m / min.
weight (kg.) 210 300
Connection 220V - 60Hz - 3Phase


Production lead time at this moment 3 months

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