Automatic Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

Type: Production: 2100 P/Hr
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 8092
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Automatic Hamburger Patty Forming Machine

This Patty machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and output and form a fully automatic prepared food line when connected with the battering machine, preduster, frying machine, cooking machine, instant freezer and packing machine,sharing the good features of high production capacity and stable quality.

Endless patterns can design for your products: round, square, ellipse,triangle, heart and some other patterns such as cartoon, star.

Some key features:

  • It is automatic
  • Thickness can be adjusted
  • Has conveyor
  • Has self cleaning wire. Air pump of 6-bar is required for self cleaning of the wire.
  • Works really well with sticky products.
  • Has capability to add paper. With a flip of a switch customer has option to add the paper. This option comes included with the machine.

Technical Specifications:

Width of the belt 130mm
Tank capacity 30L
Power 0.55kW
Production capacity 2100 pcs/hour
Patty Thickness 8-16 mm
Meat Temperature 0°C - -4°C
Overall dimension 860x600x1400mm 
Net Weight 100kg
Gross Weight 150kg