Single Air Clipper Maga BPK-200

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Optional Accessory BPK-200:

Single Air Clipper Maga BPK-200

A universal clipper to close, using an aluminum clip, plastic, natural casings, nettings and bags. It is used by small and big food processing plants (meat processing plants, dairies, agricultural producers, aquarium shops).

Material used for production warrant that the machine can work for a long time and is easy to clean.

Novel technical solutions including the innovative structure of the cylinder with built-in control elements have greatly improved safety, ergonomics and durability and make the machine very easy to clean and operate.

The Clips Used in this model

BPK-200 – for E210, E220, E230 and E240 clips

Type Inner Dimension Outer Dimension Leg Length
E210 8.25mm 13.30mm 11.70mm
E220 8.25mm 13.30mm 13.60mm
E230 8.25mm 13.30mm 14.80mm
E240 8.25mm 13.30mm 15.70mm

Standard functions:

  • fixed knife to cut excess casing
  • handle for safe transport
  • adjustable clip closure

Optional functions:

  • air preparation station

We recommend to buy air preparation station:

  • it dries the air
  • add the oil to the machine
  • has air regulator as well due to stress or pressure on machine is reduced
Type Operating air pressure Air Consumption per operation Container Capacity Dimension(mm) Net Weight Clip type
BPK-200 6 Bar 4.2 L 350 220x450x850 11.5 E210,E220, E230, E240
BPK-700 6 Bar 4.2 L 300


11.5 S735, S740, S744
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