Bone Crusher 200

Type: Capacity: 200kg / h
Country of Origin: Poland
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 8218
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Bone Crusher 200

This machine is dedicated for breaking up bone and greatly reducing its size.

The main part is its rotating shaft with knifes that meets with its toothed bar.

On the main shaft there are two dynamic balanced flywheels to accumulate kinetic energy.


  • Capacity 200 kg / h
  • Ability to load 20-30 kg of pre-cut bones no larger than 10-15cm (4-6inches)
  • Obtained fractions of about 3x3mm
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Triangular afety lid inside hopper to prevent bones from coming out
  • All moveable parts are covered and has pinch point safety considered
  • Works with 200L meat buggies for output collection
  • Made according to CE regulations
  • Easy in maintenance.

Technical Data:

  • 7.5kW main drive motor
  • 220-230VAC, 60Hz, 3 phases – Other power options avaiable upon request


  • Beef bone
  • Pork bone
  • Sheep bone
  • Donkey bone
  • Fish bone
  • Chicken bone
  • Many more

Used in a wide range of applications for the following Food industries:

  • Sausage
  • Luncheon meat
  • Meatball
  • Compound seasonings
  • Bone powder
  • Bone broth
  • Puffing snacks
  • Food ingredients
  • Frozen fast food
  • Pet food industry
  • Bio-pharmacy industry