Nock Cortex CBP 496 Vario Poultry Skinning Machine

Type: cutting width: 2x 160 mm
Brand: Nock
Location: Germany
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 6440

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* Cortex CBP 496 Vario:

Nock Cortex CBP 496 Vario Poultry Skinning Machine

Automatic skinning machine for Chicken corpuses


Features and application range

  • Conveyorized double lane skinning machine for chicken corpus (chicken breast with skin and bones)
  • cutting speed: 24 m/min
  • cutting width: 2x 160 mm

Standard equipment

  • Special pressure roller (paddle roller) with variable speed and adjustable counterweight for chicken corpus
  • infeed conveyor
  • discharge conveyor
  • special poultry skinning blade
  • blade holder spring suspended
  • special transport roller for poultry skinning
  • dynamic (counter-rotating) stainless steel cleaning roller
  • NOCK Air-Jet compressed air cleaning System
  • nock Power Plate  for special robustness and service-friendliness
  • Nock easy flow safety cover for reliable product flow and better processing hygiene
  • lockable castors
  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel bearings


  • discharge conveyor for removed skins
  • plastic modular belts
  • sister models CBP 496 POULTRY and CBP 695 POULTRY for skinning of chicken breast and whole chicken legs, thighs and drumsticks



Technical data Cortex CBP 496 VARIO

cutting width

2x 160 mm

cutting speed

24 m/min

maximum throughput height

160 mm

infeed conveyor (1)

1170 x 425 mm

discharge conveyor (1)

850 x 425 mm

discharge conveyor for removed skin (1)

650 x 425 mm

overall dimensions W x H x D

800 x 1250 x 2700 mm


265 kg

motor performance

0,75 kW

electrical connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz

IEC 60309 16 A 6h

other voltages upon request

compressed air connection

5 < p < 10 bar

plug coupling DN 7.2 (G1/4 external)

compressed air consumption

approx. 250 l/min (surrounding pressure)

water consumption

not required