Frozen Cutter TBG 630

Type: Production: 7000 kg/hour
Brand: 1016
Location: FOB Manufacturer, Spain
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM Product Code: 81
* TBG:

Fatosa Guillotine, Model TGB 630

 Model TGB 630 cuts a frozen meat block at up to minus 20 degrees.Additional cross cut blades can be added to produce small pieces of products.Standard 1st cut width is 40 mm but additional widths are available. Cross cut knives are available with a maximum number of 6 cross cut knives, option of a hydraulic block lift loader.

TBG 630, machine for cutting frozen blocks of meat or other products at -20° C. The clean cut and size of the pieces obtained from the block make them suitable for subse- quent processing in the mincer, thereby reducing the time and effort required by these machines.

The TBG 630 cuts the blocks with a guillotine-type blade operated by an extremely powerful hydraulic system. The standard machine is equipped with 1 horizontal blade and 4 vertical blades, so produces 4-centimetre-thinck by 10/12-centimetre-width slices.

The block loading is carry out by an incorporated loader with a loading capacity of 100 kg. The cut product is un- loaded directly onto standard 200-litre trolleys.

Machines designed and manufactured in accordance with CE hygiene and safety standards.

· Completely stainless machines.
· Lines and smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.

Safety: · Emergency stop.
· Motors protected against heat and over-intense operation.
· Operating voltage : 24 V.
· Press-button controls with IP66 protection.