Nock Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 550 Automatic Fish Skinning Machine

Type: cutting width: 550
Brand: Nock
Location: Germany
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* Freeze Drum Skinnex TFE 550:

Nock Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 550 Automatic Fish Skinning Machine

Automatic Fish skinning with freeze drum  technology


Features and application range

The NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 550 is fish skinning machines with freeze drum technology, in which NOCK puts his long time fish skinning technology compentence and his know how in refrigeration technology from the construction of the NOCK scale ice machines. These results in fish skinning machines with reliable German machine engineering, high quality, high energy efficiency, easy cleaning and compact dimension. Above this the service friendly construction causes low follow-up costs. 
  • particularly suitable to skin soft (e.g. defrosted) fish fillets and for all types of fish with weak skin
  • 2 - 5 % higher yield than other fish skinning machines when thin skinning
  • big tolerance to differences in structure and size of the fillets of different kinds of fish
  • to cut fish and other products
  • skinning depth: up to 10 mm stepless
  • cutting width:  570 mm
  • cutting speed: 8 - 20 m/min
  • form of application: skin side up

Standard equipment

  • energy-efficient freeze drum and refrigeration aggregate for particularly low energy consumption. Hard anodized surface. 
  • refrigeration aggregate with air-cooled condenser (type A) or with water-cooled condenser (type W)
  • rotating band blade with high precision guide for constant and also very thin skinning. Water jets and scraper keep the band blade clean during operation. Easy cleaning without tools.  Band blade can be simply and quickly replaced. 
  • integrated blade sharpening device
  • stepless, demanded adjustment of speed through frequency converter
  • conveyor equipped with 4 mm round straps (other diameters upon request). Needs not to be removed from the machine for changing the round straps.
  • water jets so that the product will freeze reliably on to the freeze drum; low water consumption.
  • mobile machine with lockable castors
  • stainless steel housing with large smooth surfaces and special operation mode for easy cleaning after production: conveyor and drum operate, refrigeration aggregate and band blade remain stopped
  • Nock power plate


  • NOCK Fish Skinning Defatting System FSDS 
  • Available as a split version (condensor of the refrigeration aggregate separate by air-cooled version)
Technical data Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 550 W

cutting width

570 mm

conveyor belt width

550 mm

cutting speed

8 - 20 m/min

max. product height

40 mm

skinning depth

0 - 10 mm stepless

freeze drum diameter

450 mm

apply length on infeed side

450 mm

cooling agent


cooling of refrigeration aggregate (condensor)

W: water-cooled


overall dimension W x H x D

1750 x 1500 x 2600 mm


W: 820 kg

electrical comsumption

7.5 kW

electrical connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz
plug: CEE 32 A 5-pin
other voltages upon request

frequency converter


water connection

G 3/4 external thread

water consumption

W: ca. 150 l/h + 1000 l/h cooling water

Compressed air connection

not required

ambient temperature

+ 5° to + 25° C

conveyor strap diameter

4 mm