Vacuum Filler HTS 250H

Brand: HTS Butchery Machines
Product Code: Industry-Scale Production
U/M: Each
Shipping Dimension: 48 X 48 X 80
Shipping Weight: 2,000 lbs

for large companies with high standards


The HTS 250 H has been specially designed to meet the economic needs and requirements of large producers. The conveying mechanism, which is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, ensures long-term portioning precision and a high output.

The performance curve is enhanced by the HTS power drive, in particular for cold masses. The use of a high-speed servo system further increases the output of the machine.

Another feature of the machine is the special feeding mechanism into the conveying system which minimizes the residual quantities remaining in the hopper.


Special features of HTS 250 H:


                ·    high production output

                ·    high-speed linking system

                ·    easy change of products

                ·    high precision of portioning

                ·    high performance reserves


standard equipment:


+ 250 litre fold-away hopper

+ Rotor number of vanes 16

+ Keyboard - control

+ signal-socket for attachments

   or clipping machines

+ arm hoisting device



  • Filling capacity:               5.800 kg/h
  • Filling pressure:              50 bar
  • Hopper capacity:             250 litres
  • Portion weight:                1 bis 100.000 g
  • Portion  30 g:                  500 port./min
  • Portion  70 g:                  440 port./min
  • Portion 100 g:                 370 port./min
  • Conected load:               12 kw



- modern touch-screen-control

- 350 litre fold-away hopper

- vacuum pump 40m³