Kool-it 60" Back Bar

Type: 60 Inches
Location: Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM Product Code: 3681
* Colors:

Kool-it 60" Back Bar

Model availbale in Black or in Stainless Steel with and woithout Double Panel Thermal Glass for visibility. Please state which one you're interested in above.

- Complete structure engineered to the highest standards with foamed-in place cabinet
- Built utilizing high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation to achieve highest efficiency ratings
- LED lamps for all glass door models and incandescent lamps for all solid door models
- Kool-It provides the operator with R-134A (CFC Free) balanced refrigeration system for years of trouble-free service

- Kool-It back bars are created to endure the everyday stress of the commercial environment, protecting your long term investment and to guarantee superior product preservation
- “B” Model - Cabinet exterior featuring a stainless steel countertop with durable black coated steel finish
- Door locks provided for all Solid Door models, except the Glass Doors
- Bottom interior & exterior plate of stainless steel to prevent any rust. Interior of galvanized steel finish
- Heavy-duty polyethylene coated wire shelves throughout for ease of product loading
- “S” Model – Complete construction manufactured of stainless steel design for ultimate beauty
- “G” Model – Double pane thermal glass doors for total product visibility

- Positive air flow throughout with forced air movement inside cabinet
- All Kool-It back bars feature our positive guided forced air cooling system
- Refrigerator holds 33°F. to 38°F. for optimum beverage preservation
- High efficiency evaporators and condensing system for rapid cooling method
- Ease of service due to our side-mounted compressor unit while creating front-breathing
- Leakage of any cold air prevented with our high tension gasket


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