Manconi - Smarty 300 IX- 11.81" Blade

Type: for deli,cheese,cooked meat
Brand: Manconi Commercial Food Slicers
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 2986
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Manconi - Smarty 300 IX.

Slicer Smarty 300 IX for deli, cheese and cooked food

This machine is suitable for delicatessen, cheeses and pre-cooked foods. It is small and compact and that makes it ideal for limited space as it can be installed on restricted surfaces. The sliding way of the carriage allows very high performances in terms of handing of the operator and slicing of the products. More innovations have been used also for the last slice device and for new materials, now stronger and spot resistant.

Standard equipment

  • Belt trasmission
  • Easy to use built-in sharpener
  • Great slicing accuracy
  • Low loading height to reduce the operator strain
  • Carriage with swinging sharpener pusher
  • Reduced foot counter space
  • Removable sharpener, blade cover and slice deflector for easy cleaning
  • Perfect slip grooves for a more performing sliding movement
  • Tilting away carriage
  • Also available with black plastic parts