Manconi - Smarty 300 VX BV AB-11.81" Blade

Type: for deli,raw ham
Brand: Manconi
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 2990
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Manconi - Smarty 300 VX BV AB

Smarty vertical slicer mod 300 suitable for raw ham and every kind of deli

This machine is suitable for raw ham and every kind of delicatessen.

This vertical plate model has a special arm that allows a great and locked grip of the product to slice. Furthermore, the technical features of this special arm make of it a reliable and long lasting tool with a removable last slice device for an easier and deeper cleaning. Excellent sliding movement of the carriage, perfect cut, quick and simple removal of components for easy and accurate cleaning: these are some of the most interesting features of this performing slicer.

Standard equipment

  • Belt transmission
  • Easy to use built-in sharpener
  • Great slicing accuracy
  • Low loading height to reduce the operator strain
  • Carriage with aluminum pusher
  • Removable plate, sharpener, blade cover, slice deflector and meat press for easy cleaning
  • Perfect slip grooves for a more performing sliding movement