Revic Stuffing Trolley Washer 200L

Brand: Revic Slaughterhouse Equipment
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
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Revic Stuffing Trolley Washer 200L

The machine is used to wash stuffing trolleys (200 liters) up to 25 pcs/hr. Provides highly effective cleaning and disinfection.

Heating medium: electric, gas burner, oil burner or steam heating [max. pressure – 0.5 bar]. Construction is made of stainless steel.

Two-mantle wash water heating system with a closed water circulation.

The device consists of a washing and rinsing chamber with rotating spray arm, nozzle system and cover – lift, which transports trolley into the chamber.

Technical Data:

  • Efficiency max. [pcs/h] - 25
  • Dimensions [mm] - 3460 x1550x2100 (L x W x H)
  • Main pump power [kW] - 5,5
  • Drive power of the washing arm [kW] - 0,25
  • Electric heating power[kW] - 31.5
  • Steam max Power[kW] - 0.5
  • Washing tank capacity[L] - 300
  • Power supply[V/Hz] - 3x220/60
  • Required compressed air pressure [bar] - 6
  • Approx. water consumption[L/h] - 150 (depending on rinse settings)
  • Type the detergent dispenser - automatic
  • Heating medium - electricity, steam, gas, oil
  • Weight [kg] - 950

Main features construction:

- automatic dispensing of detergent

- low energy consumption

- water savings

- high efficiency washing

- high durability and reliability of the heating units

- multilevel security system in operating the equipment and the cleaning process

- loading and unloading mechanism

- closed circuit of water with filtration system

- complete programming and controlling of the cleaning process phase.

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