Saf-T-Guard Switch

Location: USA
U/M: Each

Saf-T-Guard Switch

Product Description:

By constructing a switch with guard rail alongside the existing track in such a way that it does not interfere with the operation of the switch, we can provide you with a switch that can stop a trolley from falling.

The Saf-T-Guard has been engineered to fit numerous switch designs.

The guard rail is welded to the switch and will not interfere with normal switch operations.

These switches are constructed to exacting standards, template punched to ensure uniform component sizing and dimensions.

Additionally, the spacing between guard rail and switch is template formed for an accurate fit.

Available Features:

  • automatic or gear operated switches
  • sloping or level “C” ends
  • 90 degree and 45 degree switches
  • stainless steel finish.