Talsa K50neo Bowl Cutter

Type: Capacity: 50 litrers
Brand: Talsa
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: 8 - 12 Weeks from order date
CM Product Code: 7325
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Talsa K50neo Bowl Cutter

The Talsa K50neo bowl cutters is designed for the production of hash of all kinds, for butcher’s shops and small industrial meat processors.

They are also suitable for a wide range of poultry, fish, pastry or vegetarian products, processed cheese and many commodities in the food processing industry.

The K50neo cut, mix and emulsify all types of food products, from thick to very fine textures. They are simple to use, have an automated control system and are cleaned and maintained with ease.


  • Fully 3D computer modelling designed.
  • Vibration reduction on the knive shaft.
  • Reduction of noise and vibration in the chassis.
  • Silent drive transmission
  • Modern 7-inch touch screen.
  • 6 membrane buttons for the most used functions.
  • Digital display indicating gear, blade speed, temperature, turns, elapsed time, current time.
  • Automatic stop (time elapsed, temperature, turns of the bowl).
  • Display maintenance and service intervals.


  • Detachable 6-knife head and compensation rings for use with 3 knives.
  • High-quality knives from BE-GW Steffens (Germany), adjustable to minimum distance to bowl.
  • Optimized cavity design uses bottom of the stainless steel lid to also cut.
  • Temperature sensor (ºF/ºC) located in the cutting cavity for precise measurement of product temperature in friction.
  • Knife shaft designed with dynamic 3D modelling to achieve further reduction of vibrations.
  • IP65 watertight electric cabinet.
  • Polished surfaces, without corners, with CE radius to facilitate cleaning and comply with the highest hygienic requirements.
  • Hygienic labyrinth in the knife head to prevent meat dough from entering the shaft / bearings.
  • Electronic device to avoid condensation inside the machine.
  • Bottom of machine closed with labyrinthine breathing slots.
  • Removable lid/bowl friction band to facilitate cleaning.
  • High energy efficiency class IE3 globally, with high performance ABB motors and VDF electronic frequency converters.
  • Solid bowl made of robust stainless steel cast, with liquid drain plug.
  • Motorized stainless steel knife lid for effortless lifting and lowering.
  • Automatic electronic knife safety brake.
  • Thermal protection on all motors.