Whip/Brush Washer

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* Model: Whip/Brush Washer:

Whip/Brush Washer

Three-shaft whip washer, made of stainless steel 1.4301, certified for direct contact with food, shafts with individual drive. The whip washer is used for thorough washing of pork carcasses (entering the clean zone of the slaughter line). Three rotating shafts armed with two-toed rubber whips perform thorough cleaning after bleeding, chewing, and tanning while removing the remains of bristles and blood. A water shower makes it easier to remove dirt.

Washer setting:

behind the bristler (and tanning stand) the spray washer closes the dirty zone of the slaughter line.

behind the bleeding tank and in front of the burner


  • Power supply : 230V 60Hz 3Ph
  • Installed power: 6.6 kW
  • Dimensions: 1950 x 1755 x 3705 mm
  • Max efficiency: 120 pcs/h
  • Water consumption: approx 15 l/min (depending on efficiency of slaughter line)
  • Recommended water temp: 38°C
  • Water pressure: 0,4Mpa