Zasada KP-700 Cooking Boiler

Type: Capacity: 700 liters
Brand: Zasada Fabryka Maszyn
Location: FOB Manufacturer, Poland
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CM Product Code: 7361
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Zasada KP-700 Cooking Boiler

The cooking boiler is used for cooking meats, cold cuts, sausage products and melting fat.It can be heated electrically, with a gas burner, oil burner or using process steam.

The cooking boiler is entirely made of 0H18N9 acid-resistant steel with thermal insulation and a tightly fitting lid.
It is designed for operation in the automatic mode, the Mikster INDU 50 controller controls and monitors the technological process parameters,ensuring their repeatability, high quality of the products and the minimal possible involvement of the service staff.

Thanks to the unique design of the heat exchanger in the cooking boiler, and the use of the best thermal oils the boiler is characterized by very high efficiency – which translates into profits for the user.
The ability to customize the dimensions in accordance with the customers’ needs is an additional advantage of the cooking boiler.

Boiler Type Single Cabinet
Boiler Capacity 700 L / 700 dm³
Power Supply Voltage 230V 50Hz 1 Ph
Maximum operating temperature 99° C / 160° C (optional)
Heating Energy Heating Oil
Natural or liquefied gas
Process Steam
Optional Equipment Air purge system shelves on sticks swivel casters
Machine Dimensions 1250 x 2100 x 1080 mm