Zasada Z-type Open Mixer ML-600

Type: Capacity: 600 literes
Brand: Zasada Fabryka Maszyn
Location: FOB Manufacturer, Poland
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 7790
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Zasada Z-type Open Mixer ML-600

This mixer is used for mixing forcemeat in the production of cold cuts, semi-prepared food, canned food, vegetables,fruits, sauces, etc.
This device is equipped with two counter-rotating paddle mixers powered by one high power electrical engine with a chain transmission.The machine is entirely made of acid-resistant steel or other materials approved for contact with food.

The unique shape of the paddle mixer chamber prevents the deposition of leftover products, while also facilitating unloading and the maintenance of cleanliness.
The paddle mixer is designed for operation with standard meat stuffing trolleys with a capacity of 400 liters.In accordance, offer paddle mixers in a number of configurations and options, always adapting the product to the customer’s needs.


Model Capacity Power Engine Power Unloading with Trolley
ML-600 600 L / 600 dm³ 400V 50Hz 3Ph 11 kW Standard 300 L trolley


Measurements of Machine

Capacity Length (E) Width (F) Height (G)
600 L 2255 1260 1470


Machine dimensions


Measurements of Bowl

Capacity Length (A) Width (B) Depth (C) Mixer Radius (R)
600 L 1125 900 387 262.5

Bowl Dimensions