Commercial Heavy Duty Bowl Cutter with Vacuum

Type: Capacity: 200 liters
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
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CM: 7147
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CM Heavy Duty Bowl Cutter with Vacuum

Cutting in a vacuum environment prevents myoglobin, fat, and other nutrients within the raw meat to become oxidized or damaged and reduces the bubbles existing. The vacuum system is beneficial for keeping the fresh color and taste of the meat in a maximum degree. The high-speed cutting system makes it possible to produce homogenized meats within a shorter time and with minimal temperature arising. Mechanical loading for 200-liter buggies and automatic discharging devices make it easier and safer for dealing with raw materials during production.

Features and Advantages

  • HACCP standard 304/316 stainless steel
  • Auto protection design to make sure safe operation
  • Distance is less than 2mm between the cutting knife and cutting pot.
  • Excellent cutting result due to the best combination of knife and pot speed
  • Noise protecting cover noise preventing cover
  • Temperature monitoring and little meat temperature changing, benefit to preserve freshness
  • Automatic output device and automatic lifting device
  • Double seals structure to protect the axis of cutter being rusted and the risk of contaminant in the sausage meat will be avoided.
  • Key parts produced by advanced machine processing center, ensure the precision of process.
  • Waterproof and ergonomic design to reach IP65 security.
  • Hygienic cleaning in short time due to smooth surfaces.
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum option for customer
  • Also suitable for fish, fruit, vegetable and nut processing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Productivity: 170-180 kg
  • Volume: 200 L
  • Power: 84 kw
  • Knife Quantity: 6
  • Bowl Speed: 7.5/10/15 r/min
  • Knife Shaft revolution: 300-4500 rpm
  • Machine Dimension: 3100x2420x2300 mm
  • Machine Weight: 4800 kg