Installation & Training

INSTALLATION/TRAINING. The Company's prices for equipment do not include an allowance for installation, training and/or final on-site adjustment. Any such service performed by the Company shall be billable to the Buyer as a separate item. Any typical installation drawings and/or descriptions for various products are only intended to illustrate the various products and any options. Under no circumstances are these materials to be construed as recommended installation procedures. It is the purchasers and/or installers responsibility to consult local codes and project specifications for proper installation instructions and procedures. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide for the necessary and proper electrical power for the operation of any equipment supplied. In addition, any water supply, venting and drainage requirements for the operation of the equipment and/or additional equipment to meet the above requirements and/or various codes are the responsibility of the Buyer.

INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE. The goods covered hereby shall be deemed finally inspected and accepted within ten (10) days after receipt thereof unless notice of a claim is given to the Modern Butcher Supply within such time period.

Demos of Equipment. Can be provided at the request of customer if and when equipment is available to CM Machine Services Ltd. buyer agrees to pay for Travelling and labour charges once demo date is confirmed and agreed to by both parties.