In 1993, because GRESILVA is constantly attentive to market needs, launched, in response to the demands of consumers and appraisers of high-quality grills, the remarkable HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL – the best and most up-to-date innovation in grills for meat and fish, and considered by its admirers and users as the last word in grills. In the wake of this launch came other models with the same concept in grilling, to satisfy clients with different needs.

Ruhle GmbH

Rühle's product line includes: curing machines, high tech injection centers, high tech tumblers, high tech cutting machines, frozen meat cutters, net applicators, packaging centers, big box feed systems, brine mixers.

HTS High Tech Stuffer

HTS meat processing machines which are based in Austria with many years of experience. HTS provides our customers with a trusting and competent partner and give support in a fair and open co- operation in the selection of ideal meat processing machinery. HTS is constantly working to optimize our production processes and can offer you flexible and competent service through quality management. Our team consisted of experienced and competent employees who attend regular Training workshops to improve their standard. This enables us to hold a high technical standard and an up-to-date Know-how.

Commercial Dehydrator

The Harvest Saver is an ideal machine for taking that first step into commercial dehydration. The Harvest Saver has the ability to dry a wide variety of products like fruits, veggies, jerky, raw food products, pet treats, and the list keeps on going...


Vortron Smokehouses are the industry leaders in both quality and ease of use. Vortron Smokehouses can be used in the production, product development and processing of meat, poultry, cheese, fish and seafood products as well as other applications where controlled temperature, humidity and uniformity are needed load after load. The stainless-steel construction combined with the state of the art microprocessor controller gives you the highest level of quality and control available. Each Vortron Smokehouse incorporates many years of design experience and customer input into each product.


Specializing in the manufacture of various stainless-steel tools for the meat processing industry. Product line includes hamburger and meatball machines and production lines.


Lance Industries builds meat vacuum massage tumblers to assist in marinating, adding cure, and adding flavor to meat products. Lance has sold vacuum massage tumblers to processors on every continent. Lance vacuum massage tumblers are in use in meat markets, grocery stores and restaurants.


Offers the most complete range of professional vacuum chamber packaging machines from the smallest table-top vacuum sealers up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers.


Manufacturing machinery and equipment for the manufacture of meat products which have made DIELTA and GESAME brands true leaders in the food industry.


Has been manufacturing hamburger patty molding machines since 1968. Research and development allowed them to keep their edge and lead the way in the patty machine market. Above all, their main concern is the production of a machine that is user friendly and extremely durable.


Manufacturing food processing equipment for the meat, poultry, seafood and dairy industries. A full range of high-quality stainless-steel equipment includes: vacuum packaging machines, shrink tunnels, tray sealers, thermoforming machines, pickle injectors, tumblers & massagers, smoking, steaming & cooking houses.

Presto Precision Products

Presto Precision Products pride themselves in making quality, precision products for the meat packing industry.  They provide USDA Approved brine and pickling pumping units, spray and artery needles manufactured from the best stainless steel available, filters, gauges, hoses and agitators.

Lambda Test Equipment

The LAMBDA Innovative Company was established in 1989. It was created from scratch by private shareholders. At present they are one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of machines and equipment for the food processing industry. They specialize in the production of machines for food industry (primarily meat and fish processing), sewage treatment plants and the machining of acid resistant steel.


FATOSA's product line includes:  mincers, mixers, cutters, fillers, frozen block cutters, lifters. The broad variety of machines allows us to supply both small and large food processing facilities. Moreover, FATOSA has sufficient technical resources to adapt, with great flexibility, to each customer's particular needs.

Daniel's Food Equipment

They handle meat mixing, meat mincing, meat grinding, vacuum tumblers and vacuum marinators, meat massaging, sausage stuffing, food handling, meat and salad mixing, and custom stainless-steel products.


The company was set up in 1991 as manufacturer of citrus juicers. Nowadays Frucosol manufactures a product for the horeca business. In Frucosol we pay attention to the needs of the market and work to satisfy it, following of course the highest quality standards. Frucosol is a leader brand like supplier of solutions for Horeca business; this is the result of the development of the company and the trust from customers, dealers and professional people since our first steps.


Since 1989, Promarks,Inc. has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide. To date, they have developed more than ten different kinds of vacuum sealing and packaging machines designed for factories ranging from small-shop to large-scale production.

Poly-Clip System

The company primarily supplies the global foodstuffs industry with clip closure systems, which are mainly used for packaging of meat and sausage products. With a market share of over 50% the company is the world leader.

A.K Ramon, S.L

Founded in 1957 by Mr. Silvestre Ramón Heredia, father of the current General Manager, Mr. Silvestre Ramón García, Family company devoted to the design and manufacture of machinery for food and packaging industry. After more than 50 years as manufacturers, they grown as a reference in the sector. Producing hydraulic sausage stuffers, Tray Sealers, Vacuum Chamber Machines, Bowl Cutters, Mixers, Grinders

Alpha Vac

Alpha Vac System Inc. is an equipment manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Vacuum Packing Machines. The facility is in the United States and we are known for our professionalism, talent and know how in this meat processing field and regarded as one of the best equipment providers in the United States and have set the bar as the industry's leaders.

Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen

Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH offers a wide range of top-quality vacuum tumblers and injectors in countries all over the world. Brine preparing systems, salting-, marinating- and mixing machinery, stuffing and clipping equipment as well as ham moulds and mould lid presses complete the assortment. The application of our machines is not only meant for salted meat processing, but as well for the treatment of poultry-, fish- and seafood specialties. In addition to these possibilities there are many companies of the nut-, chocolate- and pet food industry who are using successfully our products.


Dosanova is an innovative and high-quality manufacturer of problem free cleaning systems. They design and create a wide line of solutions in low pressure and high-pressure cleaning systems for the food, marine, vehicle wash, agriculture and other industrial applications. Dosanova is not a other manufacturing company that copies old technology. They bring innovative solutions to problem situations in the cleaning process.


Emsens was born in 1961 and is specialized in designing and manufacturing machines for the food industry. Situated in the industrial area called Ondaine (in the Loire district), well known for its network of companies dealing with metallurgy, Emsens has been experimenting a know-how which allows it to answer to all the needs of its customers in the food industry.


Manconi & C is specialized in the production of professional electric slicers. The company since it was founded in 1958 by a tenacious group of artisans has always been focused on the quality of products and customer service. That’s how different lines of slicers were born and developed during the decades to follow the evolutions of the market and the fast growing needs of the end users. It has always been a direct comparison with the best competitors in Italy just like abroad, where more than 50% of its production is dispatched.


NOCK is an owner run German family business, which manufactures and sells successfully modern high-class machines for the food processing industry worldwide since 1990.

The NOCK product range is derinding machines, membraning machines, Doner and Gyros cutting machines, circular blade cutting machines,fish skinning machines, poultry skinning machines, scale ice makers


REVIC was founded in 2002 and since then became one of the leaders in its segment. The aim is to be one the most recognized brand of meat processing machines.Main advantages of REVIC are high quality, durability, reliability and great service. Wide range of products and pioneer solutions proves that REVIC consists of highly-skilled and experienced specialists. The mixing, grinding, slaughtering and hygienic equipment is available in either standard or custom designs, to meet your specific needs. The company has a growing reputation for innovative engineering, durable construction and great price.


ZERMAT, an entity dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of vacuum packaging machinery since 1979, many years of experience, sustained growth and constant effort, allow us to offer you an extensive range of vacuum packaging machines to cover all the needs, measures and levels of production. Machines with an important recognition and prestige within the sector, due to our work as a pioneer company in vacuum packaging machines.


The Zasada Fabryka Maszyn company is broadly involved in the design, production and sale of machinery and equipment for the food industry. The company’s production range is very diverse, starting with the flagship product – the smoking and steaming chamber, through roasting chambers, cooking boilers, to the offer of devices designed for ready-made food establishments, such as the lines for cooking dumplings or frying croquettes.


MAGA machines have been continuously manufactured for 20 years in a plant located in Poland near Poznań. These represent a wide range of products for closure of casings used in the food processing industry.The expertise and experience gained first due to product support for food processing plants and then through own production resulted in new machines constructed on our own and known for their top quality, efficiency and reliability since 2008.

Beck Clip

Beck Clip Systems is a company of the Beck Fastener Group which has been present on the market since 1904. The Beck Fastener Group is known for production of aluminium clips and fasteners such as nails made of different materials and industrial staples. The product range comprises also pneumatic machines manufactured in Italy under the FASCO brand.


Talsa is a world leader within the food industry, in the manufacturing of average capacity, quality food processing machinery.The new CE TALSA range of machines introduced during 2002 to 2011 fits the new and demanding European health and safety standards. This is a direct result of its hundred years of industrial experience, including more than 80 years in food and meat processing; it is also recognized by the Exportation Award granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Spain.