Emsens MF01 Netting Machine

Brand: Emsens
Location: France
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CM Product Code: 4161

Emsens MF01 Netting Machine

A machine for netting foodstuffs.

The cycle is fully automatic, no pre-arrangement of the net is to be carried out.
 The machine uses a net packaged in coils or in bulk.
 On the machine MF01, the operator manually deposits the product before validating the cycle start


  •   Flexible machine adapting to different product lengths.
  •   The length of the thread is adjusted via the tactile interface, which requires no mechanical adjustment.
  •   Possibility of passing different types of net with the same configuration.
  •   Possibility of adaptation of the material according to the specificities of the customer.
  •   Ease of cleaning linked to a design that takes into account agro-food constraints.
  •   Ergonomics of position optimizing the gestures and movements of the operators.
  •   A touch screen facilitates human-machine communication with a very intuitive interface equipped with troubleshooting assistance.



  •   Machine cycle time: 5.2 seconds

Productivity (including a loading time of 2 seconds): up to 540 pieces / hour for a product with a length of 200mm.

Single head (2s loading time): Double head (3.5s loading time):
Product length 200mm: 540 product / h Product length 200mm: 890 product / h                                                
Product length 300mm: 500 product / h Product length 300mm: 830 product / h
Product length 500mm: 430 product / h Product length 500mm: 730 product / h

The productivity information provided is for informational purposes only.

Energy: electric and pneumatic.
Materials: stainless steel and polymers.
This equipment complies with the following guidelines and regulations:
Food contact: EC1935 / 2004
Good Manufacturing Practices: EC2023 / 2006
Machines: EC2006 / 42
CEM: EC 2004/108