Extendible Roller Conveyor

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Extendible Roller Conveyor

Applicable for conveying of packed products in boxes / bags or on trays / containers (for bulk cargo, smaller or irregular shaped products). It is suitable for large weight of unit product or bearing higher impact load.

Main Function and Features

  1. Simple structure. Stable conveying with features like simple maintenance, economic and energy saving.
  2. Considerable capacity, fast speed and smooth operation to achieve sharing of common distributary conveyance for various types of products.
  3. Conveyor length is adjustable per production space.
  4. Simple maintenance, easy disassembly and convenient for cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Contents Specifications
Extendible Range per customer requirement
Body Material SUS304
Roller Type single row roller/double row roller/plastic cover roller
Roller Width Standard: 400mm or per customer requirement
Roller Pitch Standard: 90mm or per customer requirement
Roller OD Standard: 50mm or per customer requirement
Effective Height Standard: 750mm or per customer requirement
Power Supply single phase 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Conveying Speed 0-30 m/min