Vacuum Filler HTS 95 G

Brand: HTS Butchery Machines
Product Code: Small-Scale Production
Location: FOB Brampton Canada
U/M: Each
Shipping Dimension: 48 X 48 X 80
Shipping Weight: 1,000 lbs

for modern enterprises


The Model 95 G provides a strong filling power, and is accurate at high inflation pressures

The machine is suitable for straight filling all types of sausage.

Filling (start / stop) is controlled by toggle.

(No automatic portioning possible)

The filling speed is controlled by a potentiometer.



Special features of HTS 95 G:


·    compact and robust construction

·    efficient operation

·    minimal residue

·    easy change of products

·    ergonomic design


Standard equipment:


+ 95 litres fold-away hopper

+ Rotor number of vanes 10



  • Filling capacity:               3.000 kg/h
  • Filling pressure:              35 bar
  • Hopper capacity:             95 litres
  • Conected load :               4,2kw