Red Container-23" x 22" x 13"

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Red Container-23" x 22" x 13"

Nest and Stack containers are highly functional material handling products that bring exceptional performance and value to operations where strength, ease of use, dimensional stability and solid stacking capabilities are important criteria.

These containers stack when full and, with a simple 180-degree turn, nest when empty. They are frequently used to handle hot castings or rubber parts coming directly from molds, as well as parts that are subjected to cryogenic treatments after molding.

These containers feature a smooth outside surface and radial edges for safe, easy handling, and are available with an optional wire-reinforced rim for added strength.


  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Length (in): 23
  • Width (in): 22
  • Height (in): 13
  • Bin Colour: Red
  • Load Capacity: 300 lb