Chicken Breast Slicing Machine TF-300

Type: Output: 200 kg/hr
Country of Origin: Spain
Ships from: FOB Brampton,ON Canada (A)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 31 X 23 X 24
Shipping Weight: 162 lbs
CM: 7264
Financing Available
Note: Shipping to be determined
* Electrical:

Optional Accessories TF-300:

Gaser TF-300 Chicken Breast Slicing Machine

This machine is made of High- quality Stainless Steel. Its a Table-top unit that can produce upto 300kgs per hour.

It has ability to load and pick-up the product from front. High- capacity to cutting upto 5 slices per breast with active security and safety measures.


Technical Data:

Standard electrical power 220V 60Hz 1Ph ( optional 110V 60hz 1Ph)

Measurements: 530 x 430 x 340 mm

Weight: 60 kg

Recommended to use the machine with fresh chicken breasts (0-4ºC) and with a weight between 150-350 grams.

The thickness that customer will get depends on the average thickness of the chicken breasts and the adjustment made on both conveyor belts upper and lower.


Cutting Thickness: (Any one Set of your Choice comes with the machine)

Blade Set 1 = Cuts into halves (2pcs)

Blade Set 2 = 9mm (3 pcs)

Blade Set 3 = 6mm (4 pcs)

Blade Set 4 = 4mm (5 pcs)



If interchanging different thickness we recommend getting another complete blade frame/guide support to easily change to a different thickness.

Blade Set 1 & 3

Blade set 1 & 3 use same frame/guides support which is different from frame/guides support 2 & 4

Blade Set 2 & 4

Blade Set 2 & 4 use same frame/guides support which is different from frame/guides support 1 & 3