Touch Screen High Sensitivity All-Metal Detector

Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
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Shipping Dimension: 66 X 35 X 47
Shipping Weight: 860 lbs
CM Product Code: 3007
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* Inspection tunnel size & Sensitivity ability chart :

* Reject Systems (choose one):

* Product Flow Direction:

Touch Screen High Sensitivity All-Metal Detector

Scope of application
This is mainly used for detecting the metal chips inside any food meat, poultry, sea-food, fishery, ice-cream, frozen food, sugar, tea, pharmaceutical, health care products and other industrial fields.

Product characteristic

  1. Stainless steel mirror finish, easy clean design
  2. 99 products can be restored in product database
  3. IP66 standard protection rating dust and water proof
  4. DSP signal processing technology.
  5. FDA approved conveyor belt applliance


  • Belt length (Standard): 1600mm (can be customized )
  • Belt width: according to window size
  • Conveyor height from belt to ground: 700mm + 100mm feet adjustable, including wheels moveable.
  • Conveyor speed: 25 m/ min fixed or 10 to 40 m / min variable.
  • Alarm: buzzer with warning light,  the belt stopped automaticlly.
  • Flow direction: from left to right or opposite(viewing control panel).
  • Electronic source: 110V 60Hz or 220V 60Hz, Power:90/120W.
  • Gross Weight: approx 390Kgs Net Weight: Around 350kgs

Inspection tunnel size & Sensitivity ability chart:

  A B C D E F
Opening Width 300 mm 400 mm 400 mm 500 mm 500 mm 600 mm
Opening Height 100 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
Sensitivity of Ferrous Φ0.8mm Φ0.8mm Φ1.0mm Φ1.0mm Φ1.2mm Φ1.8mm
Sensitivity of Non- Ferrous Φ1.0mm Φ1.2mm Φ1.5mm Φ2.0mm Φ2.0mm Φ2.5mm
Sensitivity of SUS 304 Φ1.8mm Φ2.0mm Φ2.0mm Φ2.5mm Φ2.5mm Φ 3.0mm

TIP: The closer the window is to actual product the better the sensitivity.

Explanation of Reject systems:

  • Stop on Detect Reject(≦50KG) - The conveyor system stops if metal is detected and an alarm sounds
  • Pusher Reject(≦10KG) - Pneumatically powered pushers divert contaminated product out of the production flow/ belt.
  • Flap reject or Drop down Reject - Product passes through a chute, lift flap is triggered to reject the contaminated product.
  • Air jet type - Products are blown sideways off of the line by a powerful air jet. It's ideal for small, lightweight packaged goods.