Used Scharfen Fully automatic Food Slicer VA 4000

Type: VA 4000
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Used Scharfen Fully automatic Food Slicer VA 4000

The VA 4000 is a reliable, handy, completely automatic slicing machine.

Its exceptional technical features allow to get an orderly stacking of slices.

It is easily programmable for high output thanks to the modern technology that lies at the heart of its manufacturing.

The VA 4000 features an economically profitable use: large quantities of product are sliced and proportioned.

Processing is always hygienic and accurate: slices can have a diameter from 50 to 200 mm maximum.

The gripping points of the meat press allow a perfect fixing of the product to be cut; besides, the hopper makes possible an easy and functional cutting, thus saving time and effort.

The base of the machine is welded and round-edged for easy and quick cleaning.

Different functions are symbolized on the control panel and shown on the display.

Output features

• 25-55 slices per minute

• 99 memories with the possibility to pre- set cut thickness, the way of stacking slices and carriage speed;

• Chain loom which handles slices from 50 mm up to a maximum of 200 mm diameter

•Gear driven blade to assure a perfect output also in continuing operations.


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