2D Industrial Meat Dicer and Slicer

Type: Strip, Cube or Dice
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
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Shipping Dimension: 95 X 54 X 77
Shipping Weight: 1,808 lbs
CM: 8142
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2D Industrial Meat Dicer and Slicer

The 2D dicer /slicer is a two-dimensional dicer. It can strip, cube or dice beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, cheese, cooked meat, or other products with a temperature less than -2℃.

It can be connected with a horizontal slicer to achieve a size control of 3D products.The length and width can be cut, the thickness cannot be changed or adjusted with this machine


  • High production capacity, precise cutting, and no need to use two sets of machines to achieve cube cutting.
  • Tough and fatty products with sinew or gristle and vegetables also can be cut.
  • Finished product has a clean cut with no connective pieces, no loss of structure, and no moisture loss.
  • Whole machine is stainless steel made, which can meet FDA standard.

Technical Data:

  • Spiral Blade- Cutting strip length: From 5mm and up (This is dependent on speed of belt)
  • Circular blade- cutting cubes width: From 10mm and up
  • Product temperature: ≥-2℃
  • Belt width: 280mm
  • Belt Speed: 3~15m/min adjustable
  • Input height: 1000±50mm
  • Output height: 1000±50mm
  • Power: 3.86KW
  • Overall dimension: 2400×1260×1700mm


The first blade ,cut the product length.The cutting length can be adjusted by the touch screen

Replacement Blade for 2D industrial Dicer

The second round blade ,cutting data is fixed ,need to make a new set of round blades to cut different data

Customized Round Blade Set

Note: The Machine comes with one set of both circular and round blades.


                                  Parts from well-known International Suppliers

Parts from well-known International Suppliers