2D Industrial Meat Dicer and Slicer

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2D Industrial Meat Dicer and Slicer

2D dicer /slicer is a two-dimensional dicer. It can strip, cube or dice beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, cheese, cooked meat or other products with a temperature less than -2℃.

It can be connected with horizontal slicer to achieve a size control of 3D products.


  • High production capacity, precisely cutting, and no need to use two sets of machines to achieve cube cutting.
  • Tough and fatty products with sinew or gristle and vegetables also can be cut; finished product has a clean cut with no connective pieces, no loss of structure, and no moisture loss.
  • Whole machine is stainless steel made, which can meet FDA standard

Technical Data:

  • Cutting size: ≥5mm(Spiral blade), ≥5mm(Circular blade)
  • Product temperature: ≥-2℃
  • Belt width: 280mm
  • Belt Speed: 2~10m/min  adjustable
  • Input height: 1000±50mm
  • Output height: 1000±50mm
  • Power: 3.86KW
  • Overall dimension: 2400×1260×1700mm