2D Intelligent Portion Cutter

Type: Accurate Weight Cutting
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2D Intelligent Portion Cutter

The two-dimensional measurement of irregular meat is used for an analytical calculation by the software, which can get the product cutting length and do multiple degrees cutting. It then makes sure each piece has the same weight after cutting or other required weight. It can be applied with fresh raw meat (Thaw), meat thickness ≤50mm, mainly applied with fish and poultry meat, such as fish fillet, fish steak, chicken meat, chicken steak, etc.


  • The two-dimensional measurement of irregular meat is used, analytical calculation by software to make sure product cutting weight.
  • High precision cutting, Weight error ≤2%.
  • Cutting parameters can be adjusted easily, directly operated by a touch screen.
  • Multiple cutting angles of 45 or 90 degree.
  • It can be applied with different blades depending on the different meat; Apply Europe Standard blade for process.
  • Adopting imported module type belt with long service life.
  • Adopting SIEMENS electrical parts, with CE approved safety protection device.
  • Adopting 304 stainless steel and engineering-plastics
  • Easy to clean.
  • HACCP standard, easy operation, and low maintenance cost.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Belt width: 254mm
  2. Belt speed: 5~20m/min
  3. Weight error: ≤2%
  4. Cutting speed: 1000 cuts/min
  5. Max. product height: 50mm
  6. Max. product length: 650mm
  7. Max. product width: 240mm
  8. Input/Output height: 1050±50mm
  9. Power: 7.55kW
  10. Overall dimension: 2512×1200×1680mm