3-D Intelligent Meat Portion Cutter

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3D Intelligent Portion Cutter

Three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat is analytically calculated by a specialized software, which allows desired cutting length of the product and has the ability for multiple angles of cutting.

Ensures each piece has the same weight after cutting or other required weight specifically wanted.

Can be applied to fish and poultry meat cutting, such as fish fillet, fish steak, chicken meat, chicken steak etc. with a meat thickness of ≥40mm.


  1. The three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat is used, analytical calculation by software to make sure product cutting weight.
  2. To measure all-dimensional.
  3. High precision cutting,Weight error ≤2%.
  4. The cutting parameters is easy to be adjusted, operated directly by the touch screen.
  5. Can do 90 degree cutting angle.
  6. The adoption of the European blade.
  7. Adopting Imported modular belt, the long service life.
  8. Adopting SIEMENS electrical parts, with safety guards, CE compliant.
  9. Adopting stainless steel and engineering plastics, easy to clean, in line with HACCP requirements.
  10. Easy operation, low maintenance costs.


  • Cutting required equal weight products.
  • Removal of the head and tail which does not meet the requirements, then Cut the equal weight products.
  • Cutting weight is within a certain weight range, cutting the whole meat with equal weight, no waste.

Technical Specifications:

  • Belt width:                      254mm
  • Belt speed:                     5~20m/min
  • Weight error:                  ≤2%
  • Cutting speed:                1000 cuts/min
  • Max. product height:      140mm
  • Max. product length:      650mm
  • Max. product width:       240mm
  • Input/Output height:       1050±50mm
  • Power:                            7.55kW
  • Overall dimension:         2512×1340×1680mm