Meat Flattening Machine 400 mm

Type: Belt width 400 mm
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Meat Flattening Machine 400 mm belt width

CM400-II meat flattening machine is fitted with 4 pressure rollers to flatten all kinds of fresh or half frozen meat, that is around -4°C to achieve the desirable thickness. Our stainless-steel flattening equipment improves your food production by allowing equal cooking time and reduce frying time. This machine is applicable for production of beef steak, meat steak, and fish steak in thickness less than 30mm.


  1. Ready-to-Install design meets your exigent needs for chilling on installation, adjustment, and cleaning.
  2. Water spraying system is available to prevent products from sticking onto the conveyor belt.
  3. Our meat flattening machine is endowed with dependable protection system and Siemens electronic components for durable performance.
  4. Continuous production is realizable by incorporating our electric meat tenderizer.
  5. We adopt stainless steel to fabricate this multi-functional food flattening equipment with ingenious design.

Technical Parameters:

  • Conveying Speed: 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
  • Belt Width: 400mm
  • Flattening Thickness: 3-30mm
  • Voltage: 220V 60Hz 3ph
  • Motor Power: 1.5kW
  • Overall Dimension: 2135×715×1320mm

                                                  Parts from well-known International Suppliers

Parts from well-known International Suppliers

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