Bliss Ball Rounding Machine

Country of Origin: Brazil
Ships from: FOB Brampton, Ontario
U/M: Each
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CM: 8301
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* Standard Mold With Machine:

Extra Rounding Molds:

Bliss Ball Rounding Machine

The semi-automatic filler creates a continuous production line, perfecting the ball format. It has a forming disc that is chosen according to the product and the frequency of its rotation rounds. Additionally, it has a exit mat that can be directed to the covering.


  • Productive capacity: 3600 to 4000 per hour (for products 30mm)
  • Product size: 10mm to 50mm
  • Inlet spout receives the product by a worker, giving maximum practicality to the production
  • Electric panel
  • Easy operation
  • Independent control of the speed for the roller and exit conveyor
  • Easy to adjust tension of the conveyor belt
  • Has a brake that allows the equipment to be moved for cleaning and be put in the correct position for the production line
  • Texture of the product should be firm so it does stick or change the productivity process

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 34kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 120(h)x107(w)x66(d)
  • 300W
  • Spin frequency: 0 to 100Hz
  • Conveyor: 2000x105mm

Product Examples:

  • Bliss balls
  • Coconut balls
  • Sprinkle covered chocolate balls

NOTE: Only 1 diameter of the product mold is included, additional sizes are extra