Semi-Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Type: Rock 16
U/M: Each
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CM: 7897
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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Semiautomatic model to perform the horizontal cutting of the cheese with a steel wire.

The rind of the cheese is first milled and then electrically cut horizontally through a stainless-steel wire.

The whole operation is performed easily, quickly and without waste.

Main technical features:

Circular cutter powered by motor for the precise incision of the rind, without waste.

  • Wire unwinding, by friction.
  • Electric cut.
  • Also available with the manual winding of the wire.
  • Safety sensors for the cheese presence.
  • Optional accessories:
  • Kit to manually divide the form in 3 and 4 disks.
  • Strictly Made in accordance with EU regulations

Machine Dimensions:

  • Depth: 950 mm
  • Width: 950 mm
  • Height: 1350 mm