Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Type: Rock 21
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CM: 7898
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Automatic Horizontal Cheese Cutting Machine

Designed to cut the cheese in a programmable number of discs.

The disks can have a fixed or variable thickness, depending on the production needs. The machine can be programmed both for the cutting in half of the cheese, both for its division into discs with variable height.

It also offers the possibility to remove from the crust the upper and the lower plate, without waste, and preparing the cheese to be packaged.

The centering of the cheese takes place vertically, and if necessary, it is possible to remove the central part of the wheel with a customizable diameter, to obtain slices with a particularly low weight.

The extraction of the “heart” of the cheese, in fact, avoids creating slices with too thin tips, which may break or shatter.

Operating method:

  • Centering of the wheel.
  • Extraction, if required, of the heart.
  • Preparation of the cheese to be cut in slices or divided into horizontal discs.
  • Rind milling, cutting of the cheese in half or division into discs with varying thickness.
  • Eventual removal of the upper and lower plates of the rind with programmable thickness and division of the wheel in the desired number of portions for packaging.

Machine Dimension:

  • Depth: 1200 mm
  • Width: 1150 mm
  • Height: 2850 mm