Universal Cutting Machine D-120

Type: Production Capacity: 200-1500 kg/hr
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 79 X 80 X 33
Shipping Weight: 1,067 lbs
CM Product Code: 8066
Note: Shipping to be determined
* Standard Cutting Unit with Machine:

Additional Cutting Units:

* Type of Grid Knives:

D-120 Universal Cutting Machine

This Machine cut cubes, strips and slices of raw or cooked bacon, meat, offals, fish, different kinds of salads, vegetable, fruits and also candried.

This machine is indisoensable for the preparation of gulash, schashlik, meat and ox-mouth salad, mortdella and many others.


  • Automatic return movement of plunger of standstill of cutting tools, also stoppage of cutting tools when machine is running daily.
  • Speed of plunger is adjustable continuously. No dripping.
  • Machine, housing, cover, plate, hopper and oil pressure housing is of corrosion proof aluminum alloy casting.
  • Intermediate plate, knife head and actuating arm is of stainless steel.

Type of Grid Knife Set based on product:

  • Coarse toothed: For de-sinewed and raw meat
  • Wave cut: For cooked and sinewy raw meat
  • Fine toothed: For frozen and non-fibrous material
  • Straight: For bacon and salad stripes


Model D-120
Size of Funnel 5 x 5 x 18 inches
Width of machine 27 inch
Depth of machine 35 inch
Height of machine 78 inch
Capacity 200-1500 kg/hr
Power 3 Hp
Voltage 220V 60Hz 3Ph
Weight of Machine 440 lbs
Shipping Dimension 79 x 40 x 33 inches
Shipping Weight 1067 lbs