Digital Auto-Conveying Metal Detector

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Digital Auto-Conveying Metal Detector

These digital style of intelligent metal detectors, using kinds of the most advanced electronics, Adopt electromagnetic detection and DSP,DDS and many other digital signal processing technology.
Comparing with traditional simulation detector, the function is more completely , the capability is more stable and dependable. It’s specifically for food, medicine, chemicals, rubber and metal needs detection of application-specific design occasions.Particularly suited to tobaccos, toys, footgear, cosmetics, lavation products, plastics, leathers, building material and other industries. It accord with the demand of certification-HACCP, QS, ISO9000.

1. Simple operation menu, all settings and using are simple and convenient without any adjustment for operators.
2. all the equipment parameters of detection are locked automatically, when use it, you can just place the product that needs detected on the conveyors, then the system of detection will recognize automatically.
3. It can detect the iron, stainless steel, copper, Al and all kind of metal chips which mixed with products. as well as, some of non-metal that transmitting electricity and magnetism.
4. can record up to 15 kinds of different products, parameters of detection and the most simple operation is replacement of different products occasions frequently.
5. The style of conveyors is opening and unloading structure, for day-to-day cleaning.

Widely using scope
1. Apply to food (including aquatic products and quick-frozen food, extruded food, etc..) pharmaceuticals, plastic, chemicals textiles and other occasion that need metal detection.
2. Apply to high temperature, low temperature(minus twenty degrees), damp, dry, dust, dew and other poor work environment.

High sensitivity detection :

1. using the detection circuit with specially high-performance design and with advanced digital signal processing algorithms. The actual detection proved that it reached the most advanced international level.
2. against the variety of detector products , with the learning functions of automatic identification. Overcome the effect of products material efficiently.
3. detection probe is designed specially and improved the detection sensitivity further. Improve the detection sensitivity.

good stability:

1. Adopting DSP, DDS and many other digital technology to process testing signal. Comparing with traditional simulation detector , it has the advantage of universal function, stable capability, high credibility.
2. Timber known, fine craft, solid structure, good-looking in appearance, durability.
3.main structure adopted international SUS304 manufacturing, the sandblasted surface treatment, good corrosion resistance, good-looking and easy to clean.

Detection style: digital intelligent with LCD display
Language : chinse, English,
Motore power: 200w/400w
The main material: SUS 304
Specification parameter:

Dimension of window: 25cm×8cm 30cm×10cm 40cm×15cm 50cm×20cm 60cm×30cm
Sensitivity Fe: ≥0.5mm ≥0.6mm ≥0.7mm ≥1.0mm ≥1.2mm
SUS304: ≥1.0mm ≥1.2mm ≥1.5mm ≥2.0mm ≥2.3mm


Speed of transmission: 25 meter/minute
Normal height of inspection window(cm):10
Normal width of inspection window(cm):50
Alarm: Audible and visual with automatic stop

Can install with the auto-rejection equipment according customer’s requirement.
Power: AC110V/220V/380V 50/6 0Hz.


Note: The above sensitivity judged by the machine without bearing any parts, the actual detection sensitivity has relation with the nature and the temperature of the products etc., the different types of detection which the sensitivity of metal detectors is different too, the actual detection sensitivity should be at the base of the test-block verification.