Food Service Repair


Need Technical assistance or after sale service? CM Machines Service Brampton Canada can help.

We can provide service and assist in many installations or training and maintenance of our products.

For any need call us and we will provide the details necessary to assist you. Our Goal is to give our customers Quality Equipment Repair Service to the food service industry. We also have in stock a large selection of parts for machine carried and more.


Top priority is given to our clients that require Service Repair or Maintenance in their Restaurants Foodservice Industry and many Further Production Processing Plants along with the fast-paced Butcher shop establishments and many more.  


When you’re for Repair Installation cost effective way to maintain and repair your foodservice Equipment and maintenance or a provider of spare parts even advisory or consultants’ services we’re able to offer quick thoroughly professional solutions to your store production needs.


CM Machine Services Brampton Ontario offers Efficient quality control for every new or Used machine requires spare parts and Technical support.


We can provide service and repairs for many types of machines and even service for odd jobs.


Need someone to paint some lines on the floor employee quality safety parameters is critical in any food business. CM Machines are not limited to just repairing Food Processing Equipment, just call us and ask, if it relates to food most likely we can.


Safety is paramount to CM Machine Services it is importance to all of us.

Make sure to keep your machines serviced in top shape. Part of food safety means good running equipment.


Call us to book your next service call, we have comparative price and pride ourselves as a family business with great employees that care about our customers.