Food Strip Cutting Machine

Type: Production Capacity: 200-800 kg/hr
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 82 X 42 X 10
Shipping Weight: 1,255 lbs
HTS Code:8438.50.00.90
CM Product Code: 7864
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Extra Blade Set:

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Food Strip Cutting Machine

Meat stripping and dicing with circular blade. Suitable for fresh meat processing, including pork, beef and poultry.


  • High cutting precision with minimum width 5mm, high efficiency guaranteed by multi blade cutting. Also capable of different thickness cutting combined in single cutting.
  • Cutting width is adjusted by changing blade carrier or blade sleeve.
  • Floating unloading system to prevent meat from sticking on blade.
  • Conveying speed can reach to 18m/min, high production capacity guaranteed.
  • Detachable blade carrier, input belt and output belt, easy to clean.
  • Mist spraying design smoothing the cut.
  • Adopt imported module belt with long life.
  • Adopt SIEMENS part with safety service, CE approved.
  • Adopt SS and engineering plastic, easy to clean and meet HACCP.
  • Easy operation and lower maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Belt width: 500mm
  • Belt speed: 3~18m/min
  • Max. product width: 400mm
  • Max. cutting thickness: 45mm
  • Min. cutting thickness: 5mm
  • Production capacity: 200-800kg/h
  • Input/output height: 1050±50mm
  • Power: 1.9kW
  • Machine dimension: 2010×903×1615mm

Cutting Thickness can be Customized according to Customer Requirement