Hand Disinfection Unit SHM-1 with Mat

Type: SHM-1
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
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Hand Disinfection Unit SHM-1

The compact hygiene station for hand and foot disinfection SHM-1 is used to protect employees against the transmission of bacteria on footwear and hands.

The device has a bathtub for disinfecting the soles of the shoes and a hand disinfector, where soap and running water are served.

Hand disinfection is started automatically by a photocell. After disinfecting the hands and soles, the turnstile is activated for a few seconds to let the employee into the hall. The lock is closed by a turnstile with a back block.


  • Power Supply: 220V 60Hz 3Ph
  • Water connection: 1/2
  • Outflow: ∅50
  • Dimension: 1450x970x1100 mm