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Heat Transfer Oil S2 X

Formerly known as Shell Thermia C

Heat transfer oil that resists oxidative degradation

Product Description:


Heat Transfer Oil S2 X is a specially selected thermally stable mineral oil containing an anti-oxidant designed for heat transfer applications.


The thermal stability of heat transfer oil is a prime consideration. Nearly as important is the oxidation stability of the oil. While most hot oil units are designed to limit (or eliminate) contact of the circulating hot oil with air, some con-tact is inevitable at startup in the expansion tank during storage and from air leaks. The ability of Heat Transfer Oil S2 X to resist oxidative degradation has been demonstrated in tests simulating service conditions and confirmed by excellent performance in commercial applications.




• closed heat transfer systems found in asphalt plants, chemical plants and other processing installations where jacketed kettles are to be heated


• indirectly fired heat transfer systems where the primary heat source is located away from the equipment to be heated


• closely controlled temperature and flameless heating (such as liquid or vapor gaseous heat transfer) used with heat-sensitive or flammable materials


• temperatures as high as 600°F in low-pressure systems


• Resistance to rust and oxidation


• Excellent demulsibility


• Long term thermal stability


• Excellent filterability


• Elimination of water-treatment chemicals and other disadvantages of water and steam systems