Industrial Metal Detector

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Industrial Metal Detector

he electronic and mechanism design of auto-conveying metal detector is adopted advanced technique in the world, the design is suitable and the appearance is beautiful, it owns the ability of high sensitivity and stable behavior.

Scope of application
It is mainly used for detecting the metal chips inside the sea-food, fishery, noodle, frozen food fruit or dry fruits, sugar, tea, pharmaceutical products and industrial material and products etc.

Product characteristic
1. All made of Stainless steel , anti-erosion and long life span.
2. Dual channel detecting, one Channel for Fe detecting, the other for non-ferrous meta
3. Strong transport drive, all the products below 25kg can be conveyed to be checked.conveying speed adjustable. Speed regulator can be added
4. Water-Proof, IP65 compliant
5. Good Anti-interference function: reduce product effect signal form the frozen food and pickled food.
6. The performance of the belt conveyor is complied with the American food sanitation standard (FDA), it can be used for transporting the unpacked food directly.
7. Can be connected to production line.

Technical parameters:
1. Inspection window size:
Normal height of inspection window (mm): 200
Normal width of inspection window (mm): 500
The measures of the inspection window can be designed according customers requirement.
2. Sensitivity: the actual sensitivity vary according to different products

Tunnel size 25cm×8cm 30cm×10cm 40cm×15cm 50cm×20cm 60cm×30cm
Fe: ≥0.5mm ≥0.7mm ≥0.8mm ≥1.0mm ≥1.2mm
SUS304: ≥1.0mm ≥1.2mm ≥1.5mm ≥2.0mm ≥2.5mm

3: Electrical source: AC110V/220V/380V 50/60 Hz.
4: Power: 120W
5: Alarm: Audible and visual alarm, automatic stop
6: Normal Size (mm): 1740(L) X 900(W) X1030(H)
7: Gross Weight: approx 350Kgs Net Weight: Around 300kgs

Auto-rejection equipment can be installed with the according customer’s requirement.

Note: The above sensitivity judged by the machine without carrying any products, the actual detection sensitivity may vary as the product to be test or or position of metals is different.