Ruhle GFR 450 Frozen Cutter

Type: Performance: 3000 kg/h
Brand: 1037
Location: Germany
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 58 X 28 X 55
Shipping Weight: 530 lbs
CM Product Code: 82

Frozen Meat Cutter GFR 450

The reduction technology down to -20° C

Be it meat, fish, vegetables or butter, this machine reduces just about all food reliable and fast.

Technical Details

Passage height: 250 mm
Passage width: 450 mm
Working height: 1000 mm
Length of machine:         1430 mm
Width of machine: 690 mm
Height of machine: 1360 mm
Knife strokes: 45 p/min
Performance: 3000 kg/h
Connected load: 5,5 kW
Weight of machine: 240 kg
Standard carriage height: 710 mm

The guillotine

45 times a minute the robust cutter bar cuts 35 mm pieces off a frozen block. The mechanical parts are under immense stress during this process. That’s why a generous dimensioned guide system for the bar and heavy steel plates guarantee a reliable and permanent stability.

The chaff drawer

Even with the smoothest cut some chaff will be produced. In most cases these cut-offs are not desirable in the final product. A chaff drawer, located directly under the cutting area, leaves it up to you how the chaff will be used.

The feed tunnel

Due to the comfortable working height of 1 m a frozen block can be put down easily on to the flat surface in order to unwrap or position it. After that the block glides precisely across an inclined surface towards the cutting area.

The vertical knives

Depending on following processes, it can be necessary to further reduce the product. For this purpose there are vertical knives available, which divide the 450 mm cutting width into five sections of 90 mm each.

Carriage guide system

To be able to cope with the high capacity of the machine, the cut product is collected in 200 litre standard carriages for further processing. There is a guide rail for the carriages on the machine so that all the product ends up inside the container and not next to it. Exchanging carriages is done in next to no time.

Machine transport

There never seems to be enough space available, even though the frozen meat cutter uses very little floor space. That’s why the GFR 450 is comfortable and easy manoeuvrable by simply lifting it and guiding it on two wheels to any location you want to.


  • Mechanical drive system
  • Safe guide system for standard carriages
  • Manoeuvrable on two wheels


  • Vertical knives for a 90 mm cut