Multi Angle Fresh or Cooked Meat Slicer

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Multi Angle Fresh or Cooked Meat Slicer

The slicer can be used for fish or meat. It slices the product into a fixed thickness with a multi angle. Suitable for salmon, chicken breast, red meat, bacon, and other fresh or cooked meat.

This machine comes with two model options:

Single Lane and Double Lane:

Model Double Lane Single Lane
Slice thickness 2-100mm 2-100mm
Product temperature -4℃-6℃ -4℃-6℃
Cutting angle 15-90° 15-40°
Cutting speed 250pcs/min(dual lane) 100pcs/min
Belt width 2×208mm 208mm
Input height 1000±50mm 1000±50mm
Output height 1000±50mm 1000±50mm
Power 480V/220V 60Hz 3Ph 480V/220V 60Hz 3Ph
Overall dimension 2475×1036×1740mm 2475X810X1408mm


Multi Angle fresh meat slicer Linear movement of two knives, creating a shear effect and cut the coarse fiber.
Multi Angle fresh meat slicer The cutting thickness is controlled by the servo motor. 
The thickness is adjustable (2-100mm) by touch screen which can produce products such as D-cut slices and sushi slices.
The cutting angle is adjusted from 8-90° by the touch screen.
Multi Angle fresh meat slicer The meat cutting is achieved by a shuttle transfer of a stainless steel cylinder.
Multi Angle fresh meat slicer

Maximizes the production efficiency by using sensors.

Multi Angle fresh meat slicer Easy-to-disassemble belts, ensuring comprehensive cleaning
Multi Angle fresh meat slicer Electrical parts: Schneider; Pneumatically system: FESTO 
Adopts a complete stainless steel and non-metal parts which meets the HACCP standard. 
Different output ways are available throughout by adjusting input/output speed.
Small products could be automatically cut, supported by the top press system