Revic Whip/Brush Washer

Brand: Revic Slaughterhouse Equipment
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
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CM Product Code: 2933
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* Model: Whip/Brush Washer:

Revic Whip/Brush Washer


  • shafts with cleaning whips/brushes: double, triple, quadruple
  • water shower
  • power supply : 3x400V/50Hz
  • shafts power: 3x 2,2kW
  • dimensions: 1950x1755x3705mm
  • max efficiency: 120pcs/h
  • water consumption: ~15 l/min (depending on efficiency of slaughter line)
  • recommended water temp: ~38C
  • water pressure: 0,4Mpa


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