Scalding-Dehairing Machine OSM Type

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Scalding-Dehairing Machine OSM Type

The Machine has two open-able covers enabling the loading of pig carcases from the rear or from the front of the device. A convenient bristle separator is mounted on the side of the burner. The construction and housing of the machine is made entirely of acid-resistant steel.
The working part consists of a scalder as well as a drive and control part. Bathtub insulated with mineral wool and covered with protective sheets. A bristle separator with a movable ejection basket is mounted on the side of the burner.

The device is equipped with:

  • Ejector design
  • Bristling shafts
  • Bristle separator
  • Bristle suction pump into the separator
  • Control panel
  • Tap for filling in water ¾ ''
  • Water drain valve 2 ''

Technical Data:

1.    Power of the motor driving the shafts - 2.2 kW.
2.    Motor power of the bristle separator pump - 0.75kW.
3.    Heater power - 25kW.
4.    Efficiency - up to 20 pcs / min