Pneumatic Hide Puller with Platforms

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Pneumatic Skinning Machine with Platforms

The pneumatic skinning machine platforms operates based on a pneumatic drum skinning machine. It works on the principle of a rotary drum (individual drive) winding the skin.

The rotational movement of the drum as well as the vertical up-down ensures that the skin is peeled off and allows the skin to be pulled off without compromising the spinal tear.

Two people are needed to properly operate the skinner. The pneumatic skinning machine works on two movable platforms running evenly with the drum to properly homework. The landings are equipped with a sink and a knife sterilizer.

Technical data:

  • Height - 4790mm
  • Width - 3820mm
  • Depth - 1050mm
  • Lifting height - 2000mm
  • Gear motor power - 3 kW
  • Shaft rotation - 10.6 rpm
  • Power of sterilizer heaters - 3 kW
  • Air demand - 2350 dm3 / cycle
  • Pressure - 0.7 MPa