Ruhle HighTech Tumbler & Mixer MPR 1500

Type: Capacity: 900 kg
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 124 X 105 X 97
Shipping Weight: 6,913 lbs
CM: 299
Note: Shipping to be detremined

Ruhle HighTech Tumbler & Mixer MPR 1500

The Miknetum is the newest generation of tumblers. It can be a gentle mixing machine or a hard-working kneading machine, which is designed for continuous operation. The machine allows mixing in at a counter running or can also mix with one arm running ahead of the other. With the arms running in a synchronous mode, the shovel surface will be increased. Even large batches will have a novel uniformity and consistently, resulting in a better final product.

Technical Details:

Height of machine:      2460 - 3100 mm
Length of machine:      2250 - 2620 mm
Width of machine:      2420 mm
Connected load:      14 kW
Weight of machine: 3000 kg
Filling capacity: 900 l
Container Size: 1500 l
Coolant: R 404
Variable arm drive unit: 0 - 25
High vacuum system: 0 - 95


The Inner Mixing Arm

The inner mixing arm can move independently against or with the rotational direction of the scraper arm. In the latter case, the arm can run behind or ahead, or form a giant shovel with the scraper arm when running synchronously.  This allows adjustment of the correct shearing force for every product type and dead spaces are avoided. Every batch is of a uniform consistency throughout. The cycle times are reduced considerably.

The Scraper Arm

The innovative construction makes the giant scraper arm lightweight. The arm slides by itself into the snap lock fastening. Apart from pulling, the locking pin takes a jolt to remove the arm from the vessel. Round forms prevent the product from being injured. A plastic scraper keeps the wall clear of deposit built-up and discharges the machine completely. Smooth-running clips make the scraper user-friendly.

Direct cooling

A jacket cooling system leads the cold from the installed cooling unit directly to the inner jacket of the process container. There the scraper arm makes sure that the cooling capacity is transferred evenly to the product. This is not visible on the outside because of the densely laid insulation of the container and lid. Critical temperature ranges are ruled out over a long period, even with large filling quantities and intensive treatment. 

Flexible Programming

Twelve parameters are easily accessible at any stage. Recipes can be created intuitively, and everyday tasks are easily facilitated by a smaller control interface.  This is all made possible due to the perfect software and reliable hardware.

Charging and Discharging

An open feed spindle transports the filled 200 liters standard trolley into the container. The seal of the trolley guide creates a tight fit with the trolley so that the liquid can get into the container without any major spillage. Discharging is a very simple and safe procedure because the feed system can be swayed to the side. The open running spindle makes cleaning child’s play.

Waterproof Intelligence

A new computer generation, which survives while submerging in water, being splashed by water, and temperature differences, makes the Miknetum a very reliable machine. An invisible foil covers the computer and protects its valuable features. Six drives and a vast number of measured data in the machine are composed to precise programs. Operation is possible to be done purely intuitional and is just about self-explanatory.

Vacuum System with Metering Function

The vacuum and aeration duct are laid inside the jacketed container. This duct consists of stainless steel and runs directly on top of the cooling coils. During aeration, the ambient air is cooled down to about 10°C. That is why frequent aeration processes hardly increase the temperature inside the container. The vacuum can be reached fast or slow, depending on the product. The control range can be adjusted between 0% and 95% vacuum with accuracy.



  • 100% drum insulation
  • Powered lid
  • Drum swiveling
  • Direct cooling system
  • Cooled stainless-steel channel
  • Loading system
  • Counter rational mixing arm
  • Touch PC control
  • Quick arm fastening
  • Click-fitting scraper
  • CE and GS-Certificate



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