Thermoforming Machine TM-050

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Sipromac TM-050 Thermoforming Machine

Sipromac thermoformers shape flexible or rigid trays customized to your products and cover them with a plastic film to make them perfectly sealed. These machines are ideal for production where efficiency and speed are required.

Stainless Steel Construction

8-10 cycles per minutes

Standard size: 420 mm web x 300 mm pitch

Maximum forming depth: 80 mm

Machine dimensions: 121" x 42" x 64" (3073 mm x 1067 mm x 1626 mm)

Flat sealing

Rectangular exterior pocket

Flexible film forming

Rigid film up to 400u (0.016")

Vacuum forming

Dedicated top and bottom vacuum and venting valve

Servo drive

HMI 7.5"

Tooling (1x)

Guillotine cross-cut (1x)

Longitudinal knife shaft

Trim rewinder

Motorized exit conveyor

Vacuum Pump Busch 100 m3 / 5.0 HP

Electricity 208 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz

Electricity: no cable and plug, require electrician

Heated control box for microprocessor - keep heat inside the cabinet to control humidity

CSA certification

Packaging - wood skid or wood skid and crate

Note: Options marked with N/C = No Charge, and marked with * Needs to confirm with factory