Breading Machine Smallest

Type: Output: 2000 pieces/hr
Country of Origin: Brazil
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 8201
Note: Shipping to be determined

Breading Machine Smallest

Breading process:

  • The batter is fed with binder liquid and batter flour (artisanal or industrial).
  • The product enters the liquid and passes through a conveyor to ensure that the product is breaded in its entirety, without damaging or marking it.


  • Compact for small environments and countertops.

Technical Data:

   Products per hour

     2000 up to 20 grams

   Capacity per hour

     40 kg/h (88 lb)

   Size of product

     8g a 120g (0.28 to 4.23 inches)

   Spherical products


   Breading of non-spherical products

     Not available

   Breading Capacity

     1, 2 to 1,5 kg (2,6 to 3 lb)

   Flour type

     Artisanal or industrial flour

   Net breading capacity

     3 liters * Approximately

   Liquid types

     There are no restrictions

   Liquid recirculation

     Not available * Salt immersion system

   Breading system

     It’s made by immersing the salt in the liquid