Tipper for Various Dumping Heights

Type: Lift Capacity: 1984lbs (900kg)
Country of Origin: Poland
Ships from: FOB Brampton, Ontario
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 8358
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Tipper for Various Dumping Heights

This model was created for dumping at various heights from 650 to 1651 mm. This tipper is equipped with a special lifting and tilting system. This system allows you to lift a large and heavy (up to 900 kg) container or basket to a certain height (max 1651mm), and then tilt it. The container is placed on tipper profiles. This option of placing a container or box on a tipper gives you the opportunity to drive a pallet truck. It is compatible with all palettes available on the market with a base 1200 × 800, 1200 × 1000 and 1200x1200 mm. After extending the discharge tray, it can handle insulated containers type 400, 430, 430, 600, 630, 660, 700.

It is a device that will improve the efficiency of unloading processes and speed up production processes in your company. Due to the low weight, the tipper can be easily moved “manually" to places where you need help. The mobile base gives the opportunity to adapt the device to the workplace


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Tipping angle: 0° to 115°
  • Servomotor: Stainless steel
  • Mobile on wheels with brakes
  • Lowering signal
  • Container handle: 1200mm wider side

Technical Data:

  • Dumping height: 650-1651mm
  • Max load: 900kg
  • Power: 220V